Saturday, November 03, 2018

Saturday Film Club: Mouville

Thanks to a YouTube recommendation, this week we look at Mouville by Henk Wust and Jan van Mourik. A tiny, 80cm square scene, it's full of atmosphere.

OK, it would be nice to see more than two items of stock run, and video cameras can't do depth of field like a still camera can, but it's 4 minutes worth of interesting modelling. I love the higgledy-piggledy arrangement of buildings, something very hard to do properly but when it is, it just looks right. Nice scenic details too. Crack open some vin and enjoy. 


Colin Smith said...

Stunning. Possibly the best modelling of vegetation I've seen anywhere.

Luke Stevens said...

Absolutely amazing!
I’m not so bothered by the camera work than the background sounds. If someone could do a custom audio that could be amazing; sheep bleating as the small diesel draws them past, the small group chatting, birds in the trees, conversation on the platform, etc.