Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Film Club: Classic car scrapage

Nooooo. Those are classic cars being scrapped!

Scrapyard action from the days when anti-rust protection was pretty much non-existant. You could even find tin-worm on a brand new car!

Still, it's good to see people are still blaming the Council for not clearing up mess, and not the person who made it. Also, it seems our model roadsides should be littered with dead automobiles.


Unknown said...

I seem to recall that the Vauxhall Victor was well known for leaving the factory with quite a bit of rust already in situ.

Vauxhall back then eouwo keep the panels outside untreated until needed, and not remove any surface rust before using the panels. Or so the story an old Vauxhall plant worker told me at a VBOA meeting at billing one year.

I sysuspe it applied just as much to the other comparable manufacturers of the day, with the more up market manufacturers using a better grade of steel and maybe even galvanising the panels (VW/Audi group cars were, but not sure when they started doing it on the majority of their cars).

Andy in Germany said...

As you say, the desire not to blame drivers for dumping cars is clear: Fly tippers get criticized and heavier fines are demanded, but not drivers, even though all the wrecks filmed had number plates.

The system in Birmingham does look pretty advanced for its time although I'm not sure what H & S would have said about that incinerator hole these days.

And "Gypsies"? Ouch. At least it was positive about their work.

Also one of the few times in history where people living in Birmingham have been described as "Lucky"...