Thursday, November 08, 2018

Phil's been out with his camera in this months BRM

It's the BRM layouts special issue this month with no less than 10 model railways for your inspiration and entertainment.

All those layouts leave little space for practical projects, but I've not been idle. Instead, I've done a couple of layouts shoots. The first is Chris O'Donoghue's Compass Point in 009.

As well as being a cracking layout, it's also the setting for a series of detective mysteries Chris has written - more on his blog.

The second is the 3mm scale, Uppingham by Martin Olley.

While we had Uppingham in the studio, I had a chat with Martin who explained why he chose this prototype and the unusual scale.

Finally, I make some suggestions as to what you can do with an old layout. Let's be honest, these aren't pretty...

December 2018 BRM.

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