Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Are you wondering what to get your nearest and dearest to buy you for Christmas ? Is there a space on your bookshelf that is A4 sized and 128 pages plus covers wide ?

Well, this blog brings you the answer - The 2009 Hornby Magazine Yearbook (not annual 'cos that's for comics obviously).

You'll be especially please to learn that on page 74 you can read an excellent article on building the early Southern Diesel, number 10203, from a Silver Fox kit. It's a project I did earlier this year and since delivery to the editor, has been earning its keep on his layout "Bay Street" where it looks very nice.

Aside from my words, as if these weren't enough of a reason to add this fine tome to your library, there are articles on building a layout in two weeks, several layouts, building features and a review of the year. Highlight for me though was the excellent picture of "Overlord" spread over two pages - it looks magnificent and yet you can hardly see any trains for all the boats ! If I have a complaint it is that the layout I'd like to have built in this book is an ex-GWR line along the Devon seaside. At least it is ex-GWR I suppose, and a very nice model and just the sort of thing any club could build and stock very quickly yet to great effect.

So, stop reading and go and buy a copy at discount price from Amazon now !!


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Nevardmedia said...

Hi Phil,

Just perused page 76, a good read! For any sceptics out there, this 'Year Book' (that sounds so much like dumbed down English and a bit like 'two track' that Americanism for 'double track') is mainly new material exclusive to this publication which is cetrtainly not 'dumbed down'. Buy now while stocks last!