Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Box file backscene

Box file with backsceneThanks to Alan Searle, the box file layout now has a nice new custom painted backscene. At the start of the show he spotted the layout's nakendness in this area and resolved to sort this out as part of the demonstration. A piece of paper was already wetted and stretched on a board and he set to with emulsion for the sky and lots of acrylic for the buildings.

Over the two days, the scene was built up - I think it made a nice change from showing visitors how to paint clouds - and by Sunday evening the completed painting was being chopped about to fit in the file properly. The paper has to be shaped to fit around various clips and supports hidden in the buildings. Then it was fixed in place with some sticky tabs.

The result looks fantastic and really gives the layout another dimension. I'll be making up a big envelope to hold and protect the scene and be taking it out with the model when I display it.

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Zabdiel said...

That is superb! I'm wishing I'd looked at the demonstration stands as I'd have like to see your box file. I didn't have time to read any blog posts last week so I didn't know you were at Warley until I got back.