Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clean painted Bulldog

Clean painted Bulldog
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This model locomotive is to be mucky. Really mucky. Which means there is some irony in the quality of the paint finish being one of the best I've produced for some time.

Body colour is Railmatch black - a good solid and slightly shiny base. It needs less thinning than Humbrol to spray though. The smokebox is hand painted in Humbrol Matt black.

Transfers are waterslide ones from SMS. The cabside numbers and power classification went well. On the tender, I applied the LMS letters as one item but the transfer film showed badly as there was air trapped underneath it. Despite lots of prodding and poking this wouldn't go away. In the end I let it dry and used a sharp knife to cut it either side of the letters and then peeled it off.

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