Friday, November 06, 2009

Inside the cab ?

Big boxes
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According to the diagram, this is how the inside of the Bulldog's cab should look.

Really ?

I want to see photos of the real thing before I solder these enormous boxes in there. That just doesn't look right to me. I know prototypes can throw up some "interesting" things but my feeling is that these leave the driver with no where to go. Even if he did stand there, how does the fireman do his job unless they have some sort of circus act where driver leaps in the air while shovel is swung.

I think I need to go back to the bookshelf today...


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil
As you know I am an S&D fan and have a number of photos of the Bulldogs from various angles (but no drawings). There were boxes on either side of the cab and they appear to be around 18 ins wide. Could it be that they are bigger in the model to allow for 16.5mm gauge and the play in the chassis? If you look on the JLTRT web site there is a picture showing slightly narrower (but still quite big) boxes in their new O gauge kit for the 3F. Good luck with the bookshelf search.
Simon K

Phil Parker said...

This photo: DOES seem to show some pretty massive boxes in there. Not as wide as the ones supplied but as you say, this might be to allow for OO back to backs. Thanks