Friday, November 20, 2009


Regular readers of this blog who have been paying attention at a level that is frankly scary, will notice that this location has been featured before. The second appearance is due to the shop previously known as Motor Books being taken over and becoming ModelWorld@Oxford.

To be honest so much has changed in the transition, for all intents and purposes it might as well be a completely new shop. Apart from the doors and windows plus one member of staff, it's all new.

When I say new, I mean NEW. You walk in and there are shiny cabinets of ready to run models lining the walls. When the cabinets stop, light, modern racking holds components, trackwork, materials, tools, kits etc. I can best describe it by saying this is like a real shop, the sort of thing you find in any high street, that just happens to sell model making products. It's that good.

OK, so I prefer a dusty emporium with old boxes to dig in and treasures to unearth. A shop that has matured like a fine wine. But then I don't need to be converted to the hobby. If you are a beginner, or are bringing someone along with you who isn't a committed modeller such as a wife, then this is exactly what you want. Everything is easy to see and readily available. I'm pretty certain you could build a comprehensive layout in the popular scales exclusively from the stock contained in the shop and that has got to be A Good Thing.

ModelWorld Oxford website

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