Sunday, November 29, 2009

More planning for the box

Having played with the Hornby track planning stuff and then decided that Michael seems to do a better job with paper and pencil for me, I'm going to have to move on and start working on the box layout full size. Let's face it, you have to do it sometime on any model railway and it's not like I have the excuse that I don't have the space !

If you are using ready to run track then Peco planning sheets - essentially full size photos of points - are available and are idea for this, and a lot cheaper than waving the real things around. Since my track will be made using SMP parts I've used the plans they supply with the point kits. A trip to the photocopiers has furnished me with a small pile, easily more than enough for a tiddler layout. One clever idea is to copy the right hand plan on to acetate and then flip it over to get a left hand version.

Initial thoughts involve the stupidly tight 36" radius Y-point playing a big part in the model but I have some others available just in case I can get away with them.

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