Monday, November 30, 2009

Bang goes the Waxoyl

For the winter months I've found my camper van some nice dry storage. No more gritted roads, snow, ice or rain for Ashly. When the weather is foul I won't look out of the window and feel guilty that he's stuck out in it.

Of course it doesn't do any vehicle good to be stuck away and not used for long periods of time. Every couple of weeks I need to go around a start him up just to get some oil around the engine and stop the tyres developing a bulge at the bottom. This time it also occurred to me that a squirt of Waxoyl would be an excellent idea in some of the box sections, specifically the drivers side that I welded up last year. It had had some treatment but more is always good and anyway, I didn't exactly enjoy doing the work even when I wasn't setting fire to him.

For the non-classic car owner, Waxoyl is a mush that contains a lot of wax. You squirt it into the car and it protects the metal from rust. Not like paint but in a soft and runny way. For the amateur it comes in a can which you pump up and them use a lance to spray it all over the place.

So I pumped up the can can it wouldn't come out properly. I pumped again and managed some squirting but the stuff wouldn't work properly. More pumping sort of got me back in action but again a few minutes later it stopped. At this point I pumped it up until the can bulged slightly (there is a safety valve in case you are worried) and then picked it up to move back to the van.

Waxoyl is slippery stuff and by this point my hands were covered in it - and I dropped the can.

Which burst.

Now I'm the proud owner of storage with quite a lot of anti rust protection. And a can with a hole in it. And I still need to treat the van.

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