Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silver Fox Shunter

This months Parker's Guide in the December Hornby Magazine covers building a Silver Fox Models Hunslet Shunter. It's a lovely little kit of a prototype I've had my eye on for a long time - ever since I built an etched brass version of it's larger brother the 05 diesel in fact.

This is the first loco build for the column but won't be the last. We've got a few ideas lined up but if anyone wants to suggest anything that they would like to see appear in print, let me or the editor know. Please note, all letters to the editor should start with something line "I only buy Hornby Magazine for the excellent Parkers Guide which I consider to be a greater contribution to English literature than the entire works of Shakespeare..." :-)

Elsewhere in the mag, you can read about Stoney Lane Depot. This is IMHO one of the greatest N gauge models ever. It's managed to get the atmosphere of a bit of London railway to a T. Seeing it in real life is even better than the photos (and they are good) as the operators keep stuff running all the time - just as the prototype does.

Also there is an Inglenook sidings from Ron North with his model Littleworth Sidings and I'm going to be looking hard for ideas for my layout in a box.

Hunslet Diesel Shunter


CF said...

Very nice. I built this in O gauge a few years ago; a rather satifying if limited use prototype.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very nice. I didn't know this model was available, so, of course, now I want one.

Railway Bylines, Vol. 8, Issue 8, July, 2003, has some excellent photos, front and back, of this locomotive, and the model captures it quite well. One of the captions indicates that after BR withdrawal, the loco was sold to Duport Steel Ltd. of Llanelli. It was scrapped in the 1980s and its engine apparently used in a trawler.


James Finister said...

Reading Parker's Guide I see you mentioned yo would like to know of a photo of the cab controls of the Hunslet 0-4-0. Well I found this the other day which gives you an unusual view of it.

Phil Parker said...

It's an amazing photo. Could make a fun conversion!