Sunday, November 22, 2009

Warley - Day 1

Warley CrowdThe first person sat down in front of our stand just after 10am and apart from a few short breaks of 3 or 4 minutes, we had people chatting until about 5pm. It's a tiring day but great fun.

You want more ?

OK, the item on the stand that gained the most interest was the Superquick engine shed. Dozens of people picked up up and had a look. Most were surprised by the sturdiness of a cardboard model, even more so when it was explained that there was no extra bracing, it's built straight from the packet. Actually this was a big surprise. The best we could work out was that Superquick has been around so long that it's now slipped under the radar and most people simply ignore it. Maybe they see the range as old fashioned and not worth considering, yet once confronted with a model they were uniformly impressed. I don't know how many rushed off to buy a kit but we did pinch some catalogues from a friendly trader and hand them out to help.

The Boxfile layout was also popular. The Silver Fox shunter ran around on it to prove this is a working model. Several liked the idea of seeing that it is possible to build a layout in a small space, again whether anyone will actually go away and do something similar is doubtful but we tried.

Next door, Alan Searle is painting backscenes. Mostly these are hills and sky but I've persuaded him to have a crack at something a bit more industrial for me as the box company is a bit naked in this area. Alan always has a good crowd and I keep paying attention to what he does on the off chance I might actually be able to do something similar myself one day.

As for my output - half a wagon. Hardly anything in fact, which means I've had a good day demonstrating.

The gallery has been expanded a bit - not much as it was too busy to get out from behind the stand !

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