Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Finished Loco (2)

The Bulldog is finished. That nice quality black paintwork has received a good dose of dirt and in my opinion looks much, much better for it.

Weathering follows my usual format - lots of thin coats of underframe dirt and weathered black applied by airbrush. Since the model was to be really dirty I also puffed a touch of gunmetal along the top in among the smoke residue. The slight sheen doesn't appear on occasionally cleaned locos but if no-one even makes an effort with the cloth then it's what you get.

Finishing touches included real Welsh steam coal, a crew from my figure supplies and some Krystal Klear glazing. And a bit more dry brushing since I felt there was a bit more muck required. Well, it was to be a very dirty locomotive !

The results look good to me. So good that it's got me thinking about the Gibson 3F kit buried in my store cupboard and just waiting for its day on the workbench. But then I always think that and it has been maturing for a few years so perhaps a few more will bee good for it...

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