Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Boiler handrail

Boiler handrail
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The downside of using a nice piece of tube as a boiler is that it doesn't come with any handy indications as to where you might attach the boiler handrail. That's not as bad as it sounds, I'd rather mark this out myself than fight an etched lump to make sure all the pre-made holes were level.

The problem this time is the plan. As I've commented before, it's nearly 4mm scale but not quite. Far enough out to preclude taking any measurements from it. Happily there are prototype dimensions marked on so with a little calculator action it's possible to divine the correct positions for the handrail knobs.

The height above the footplate is taken from the beading on the cab and extended simply with a pair of dividers along the tube. Gently.

Knobs came from Eileen's Emporium - long for the barrel and medium at the front an back which gives a nice straight run along the side.

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