Sunday, November 15, 2009

All change

Patrick Hughes Train
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Some of those who know me personally, will know that I'm not really a proper professional modelmaker, it's something I dabble with between real jobs. I have known for a long while that I don't have the drive or commitment to earn a living wage building things for other people. It's a hobby that has grown.

This probably sounds like nirvana to many but in reality you lose your hobby as it turns into the day to day grind. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed myself - making things is good fun but man cannot live by toy trains alone. Anyone who has talked to a trader realises that none of them are making a fortune at what they do.

In real life I am a webmaster. For 6 years I looked after the Warwickshire County Council website, before that one at a horticulture research centre. Now in a couple of weeks time I'll be working elsewhere doing a similar role in the education sector.

That means I need to make a few changes. First: No more commissions for model locomotives are being accepted for the time being. There are a few kits sitting in the queue and I'm in the process of getting in touch with their owners and asking what they would like me to do, hang on and complete the model eventually or return the model to be passed on to someone else.

As far as this blog goes, I'm going to carry on posting to it but might not be able to guarantee a daily entry as I have for the last eighteen months. There will still be a lot of material 'cos I'm going to be able to go back to just enjoying my hobby with some more varied railway and boat modelling. However before anyone complains, you aren't paying for this (even if you click on one of the adverts on the right hand side, this doesn't cost you anything although I get a few pence), I do it just for fun and as writing practise. Posts might be a little bit less frequent but I'm not planning to give up. You don't get rid of me that easily !

You'll still see me popping up in print too. I'm not giving up the fame and fortune that goes with seeing my name in print. Likewise the show calendar continues so I expect to see plenty of happy, smiling faces at exhibitions in the future.

Hopefully this will all work out OK. With a bit of luck I can start adding to my unbuilt model pile again in the near future.


stephen said...

Good luck Phil... I will miss the daily updates, but its important to earn the model to pay for the hobby!

Iain Robinson said...

Yes, good luck with your new work, Phil. Now you will have a hobby again, I hope! It's not easy or profitable making models professionally unless, like me, you are prepared to take on the sometimes onerous demands of the North Sea oil industry as well as the infinitely more civilised commissions from the railway modelling fraternity. Sounds like you've struck a good balance.