Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chain suppliers

Goran asks:
Where can I buy chain in brass or blackened metal with a width of 1-1.5mm, (absolutely not more than 1.5) in bulk and best price. Do the chain always come from China ?? From where in China ? The chain I have found is always short and high price.
I normally buy chain from normal model railway or boat suppliers. Try:
Of course it all depends what you call "bulk". For most modellers a metre or two is plenty but if you need a lot more I'd be inclined to look at the jewelry trade. Ohio Beads seems to have a good selection although I've never actually used them.
Country of origin will vary but you can bet there is someone in China knocking some out. Low labour rates make it a popular manufacturing base. I would guess chain making is pretty labour intensive although presumably there are machines that do the actual work now. If you are relying on a blacksmith to forge each link then it will certainly be pricey. Mind you I've seen the wooden chains made by whittling a lump of dead tree and always fancied having a go - but not with 1.5mm links !

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