Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Details, details


Tidying up the other day I found some detail parts I didn't get around to fitting to Melbridge Parva.

For the end of the warehouse platform there is a set of steps. This solved the problem of miniature people having to jump down to the ground and then being unable to get back up. In real life these would probably be made of brick but I'll assume that the builders didn't bother and improvised with some wood. Not that I forgot. At least Plastistruct made fixing the problem easy.

Under these is a wheelbarrow. I haven't glued this down as I don't think it fits in - there's no track where people have walked and you'd need to bump it over the rails. A wheelbarrow is a fine thing but I can't see why one would be here. I made up the detail from a CooperCraft workmans set of tools kit and this does provide quick and easy detail but on a micro layout you have to be selective and in this case I'm selecting not to use it.

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