Monday, December 06, 2010

Tweezers and a diamond shovel

Tweezers and diamond shovel

Christmas time. Off for some shopping in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham where I wander in to a tool shop. Just out of curiosity you understand.

Of course the tools are the very same that we model makers use, in fact there was a pretty big crossover between the items in the shop and the contents of the Squires catalogue. The biggest difference was the price. Presumably when your raw material costs a lot, you spend money of equipment ! I really fancy a Jewellers workbench but at 900 quid it's a bit beyond my means at present. Beautifully made though.

Anyway, I did leave with a couple of goodies. First a pair of sprung tweezers with a built in stand. I recon these will be very handy when soldering small parts.

Next, a diamond shovel. Presumably this is for moving small stones around. For me it will be a liquid lead or crumbled coal shovel. Just the thing for scooping up granules and dumping them in the coal space of a model loco. Lets face it, coal and diamonds are sort of the same thing aren't they ?

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