Sunday, December 12, 2010

Out of sync information

A couple of months ago I searched the books and magazines I have in possession for information on the Killin Pugs as I was building a model of one. At the time, I dredged up a couple of pictures in a book which gave me something to work on, but I'd have liked a bit more.

Now I'm after pictures of mobile cranes. These are everywhere when I don't want to see them but when I do ? Well I've found one shot of a similar but different one to the prototype I'm building.

But guess what ?

The information pixies have been around and while removing the photos I want, the popped back in and entire article in the Killin Pugs with pictures of both sides of the locos in different liveries, an explanation of how the design came about and even a plan for the engine shed they worked out of !

Modeller Backtrack Volume 4, issue 3. August/September 1994 if you are interested.

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