Monday, December 13, 2010

Warley stock box

Warley stock boxBuilding rolling stock for magazine articles has one side effect - I've got an awful lot of models that need a home.

Some end up in my normal stock boxes and will be seen running on one of the layouts, but many don't fit in to my scheme of things and exist only so I can write about them. Obviously I still want to hang on to them so more stock storage is required, which is bad news as box building is dull.

So, when I spotted this at the NEC I handed over my fiver quickly hoping it would help me out.

"The Warley Stock Box" is a cardboard box divided in the manner of something full of chocolates, into two layers. Total capacity is 30 wagons. The dividers can be removed so longer vehicles can be accommodated although this reduces the numbers. Since it's made of card, some nifty knife work would allow the modeller to have whatever arrangement he or she requires.

In use the LWB hopper fits fine, the standard vans less so. They need a bit of foam to stop them moving around in the space. For static storage this isn't a problem but on the road I prefer something that restrain the stock a bit better. I'd also prefer the wagons to sit on their wheels rather than rub the paint off the side. So while they fix my initial problem, I'll need to carry on building proper boxes for exhibition use.

 Having said this the biggest problem is that you can't buy them anywhere but the show so I'll have to wait another year before adding to my supply.

Update: This can now be bought from the Ian Allan shop.

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Nevardmedia said...

These are very good! I since found out that they come from Macfarlane packaging in Woking if you don't want to wait for Warley 2011