Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's not just Christmas dinner that results in left-overs. I was tidying up yesterday and turned these two half built models up.

The van was started when I demonstraited (in the sense of building stuff for an audience rather than "railway modellers for peace") at Hornby Live back in July. I feel I ought to finish it but so far the tidying hasn't revealed the leftover parts from the kit so there might be some issues there. Of course I do have a stash of brake gear and buffers so maybe there is a chance. A bigger problem is what to do with it - it's not like I need any more LMS box vans for the layout.

The hut dates from Warley and at least I do know where the parts are for this, in the bag with the rest of the kit in a big pile of unread books. Again, I only built this model for demo purposes and have even less of a need for a Superquick hut than a van. However it seems a shame not to compelete it.

This makes me think though. Like most model makers, I'm really good at starting projects and not nearly as good at finishing them. Maybe I need a New Years Resolution to do something about it ?


Matt Dawson said...

Donate them to clubs?

Phil Parker said...

The last thing our club needs is half finished kits "donated". However I now have plans so watch this space !