Friday, December 03, 2010

Finished 14

Finished 14

Some models need to be weathered before they look "right" and the Class 14 is just such a beast. It looks OK clean but a waft of dark earth, weathered black and track colour really bring it alive.

The spraying wasn't very precise, I started with earth on the lower regions. Then the black along the top to represent the outporing of the exhasut. Finally a general going over the with "Underframe dirt" to unify the model.

To finish up the windows were glazed with shirt collar plastic and weathering powders daubed around the buffer beams. It's almost a shame to hand this one over as it looks lovely. If you are a Gauge 1 modeller, get in touch with Mercian Models to enquire about the kit, which should be available next year.

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