Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ruston 165DS

165DS kit
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Time for a new project on the workbench. I've been asked to build a Ruston 165DS - in HO.

The choice of prototype was largely determined by the availability of a suitable kit for a British industrial locomotive in 3.5mm:1ft scale. Judith Edge have reduced a number of their products to the (slightly) smaller scale and so win the sale.

Out of the flatish box (no chance of putting the finished model in here) come a couple of etches for the parts and some resin bits for the bulkier items. A bag of bearings, screws and other bits plus some pages of instructions finish package.

To this I've added wheels: Gibson as they were the nearest suitable ones, and yes I've bought 3 axles in case I bugger one up, plus a motor and gearbox.

This is the second Edge kit I've built, the first being a BR 06 Diesel - this went together OK so I'm hopeful that this isn't going to be too difficult. But then I've said that before - watch this space !

Judith Edge Kits

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Rob said...

I'm looking forward to your blogging of this build. I've just got a Judith Edge Hunslet 0-4-0 so will similarly occupied soon.