Monday, December 20, 2010

Model Railway Constructor Number 1

Model Railway Constructor Number 1

This is the editorial page of Model Railway Constructor magazine, Volume1, Number 1.

I particularly like the from the last paragraph:
It is felt that, although a great deal is to be said for the "dead true scale" basis of modelling, yet how easily is it overlooked that, just as oak trees grow from small acorns, so modelling grows from the humbler efforts.

Wise words often ignored nowadays. 


Silver Fox said...

Hi Phil,

no comments yet? I see from your remarks re-balsa and Airfix kits, that things haven't changed much in your life!! Only joking, I met you when you last came to Oz for the BRMA convention. I was the one with the dog, Missy. (smartest one there). Lovely first edition Constructor, do you know if digital copies of the Constructor and other Pommie mags, either out of print or still going, are available on disc or for download? I love the construction articles and drawings in the older mags. All the best for 2017 and maybe we'll see you back in Adelaide sometime(they've got the beer reserves back up to scratch, took a while after you left). Cheers Noel Elliott

Phil Parker said...

BRM offer a digtial download as do all the other UK magazines. Older ones are a bit hit and miss. I think Mecanno mag can be found but after that, for either copyright reasons, or just lack of time from an enthusiast, I don't think there is much.

And I'd love to come back to Adelaide one day to have a proper look around the city. Don't think it was the beer that ran out, just the delicious BBQ's!