Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Parry People Mover - Part 2

O Gauge Parry People MoverAt the end of November I blogged about the Parry People Mover now running on the Stourbridge Junction to Storubridge Town branch. At the time I suggested it would be a real micro, micro layout, but that a RTR version of the railcar would be needed.

What I failed to mention was that my fellow Leamington and Warwick MRS club member, Peter Lloyd, has a bit of a history with this prototype. A few years ago Railway Modeller ran a competition challenging people to build a model of the Parry Railcar. Plans and photos were supplied - and Peter won it with the excellent O gauge model shown in the picture.

He takes up the story:

You may recall the competition in Railway Modeller some years ago to build one, which I did, in 0 gauge, and subsequently wrote a couple of articles on, this started a long relationship with John Parry and his team who were anxious to produce a model for their shareholders, over the past couple of years we have been bouncing ideas around. The aim was to produce something relatively cheaply, this does not sit easily with 0 gauge, however we are getting close, the main problems are sorted and we are getting components prototyped. The base and ends look like being resin, with laser cut sides and a resin roof, although static there is room for a power bogie under the floor.

In the interim Parry’s have employed a graphic artist, to produce manuals etc. He is an N gauge modeller and member of Kidderminster club, together we have also been working on an N gauge version which should debut at our exhibition, this is a clear moulded body with etched fittings which fits an N gauge chassis. He has also just ordered an 00 mechanism, so who knows?

Now, according to my calculations, an N gauge model of the entire Stourbridge branch would be 8.7 metres long, or about 26 feet. That's a pretty big model BUT you do get the entire line from junction station to town.

Wikipedia entry on the Stourbridge line.

Parry People Movers website

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