Thursday, October 18, 2012

A running P Class chassis

Working chassis

The Hobby Holidays jig shown a few days ago might seem like an extravagance. It's hardly cheap and you really can do without it. Railway modellers of yore happily soldered locomotives together with irons heated in the hearth with nothing more sophisticated to aid alignment than the Mk 1 eyeball and a try-square.

I don't care.

I have assembled chassis the same way and at the point you see me, I'm fiddling with things trying to make wheels rotate without tight spots. Not this time.

Maybe it's practise. There is still some skill required even when using the jig. Who cares, the chassis worked first time. I built up the gearbox, which required no adjustment (a rare thing to be honest) and dropped it into the chassis. Drive in in the rear axle because there is a chassis spacer in the way of the gearbox if I want to use the middle. That might change depending how well the motor fits into the locomotive body.

Anyway, I built it and it worked first time. If I sound smug then that's because I am. Don't care who knows it either, regular readers will know this doesn't happen often so I plan to enjoy it!

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neil whitehead said...

Well done! Nothing wrong with using technology to speed up a process and to obtain a more accurate result.