Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's that bracket doing?

BompeyBracketJust when I thought things were going well with the P Class, there is a snag.

The instructions were followed. I was impressed with the chassis design. Then I put the wheels in and the rods on.

And when I spun them, the rods clonked a bracket.

After a bit of head scratching, I couldn't see where I'd gone wrong. Surely that nice Mr Rice, who has written much about kits being assembled before they are inflicted on the paying public, can't have messed up can he?

Whatever, the simple solution was the unsolder the offending bracket and chuck it back in the box of bits. If it's absence offends me later, I will modify it and put it back. For the moment, scale fidelity loses out to rotating wheels.

Now, why did they allow so much side-play?


CF said...

Designed for Gibbson wheels with a shorter throw?

Phil Parker said...

Good thought. It certainly isn't anything to do with the gauge.