Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Review: Tiffy's Workshop, Marine Models From Scratch

Graham "Tiffy" Castle has been scratchbuilding model boats for many years and writes regularly in Marine Modelling International magazine.

His articles revolve around scratchbuilding techniques for boat modellers. I've read a few but this book is like the normal fayre on steroids. 21 chapters covering the entire process of building model boats including several alternative methods of producing a hull.

There's lots of detail and simply reading it all will take quite some time. I prefer to think of the book as a reference work to be dipped in and out as required. At the moment, I'm reading the chapter on deck planking as there is a model floating around here that would benefit from some work in this area.

Aside from the traditional modelling methods, computer use gets a chapter to itself. Tiffy covers CAD, craft-cutters and producing dials. This is all a little sketchy but there is enough to start the keen modeller off looking further into the subject.

Some of the pictures show interesting dioramas which beg to be copied or at least used as inspiration for my own models.

164 pages fully illustrated with colour photos. Two pages of index. Perfect bound paperback cover.

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