Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parker's Guide Bookazine

It can now be revealed, I've been working on a special top secret project - a compilation of many of my Parker's Guide projects from Hornby Magazine into a single best-selling book.

It's out today!

As well as lots of old projects, there are half a dozen new ones in there to entertain and educate you. The full list is:

  • Wills Viaduct
  • Pocket Money Project - Display case
  • Class 33 detailing
  • Making holes
  • Coal wagons
  • Pocket Money Project - Goods loading dock
  • Killin Pug (Body and chassis)
  • A tale of two huts
  • Repainting die-cast models
  • GWR horsebox
  • LNER signals
  • Silver Fox Hunslet shunter
  • Using plastic sheet
  • Pocket Money Project - Old style TV aerials
  • BR 21-ton hopper
  • Telephone boxes
  • Covered carriage truck
  • Soldering metal
  • Etched kit basics
  • Tarpaulin wagons
  • Long low
  • Ransomes Rapier 6-ton mobile yard crane
  • Pocket Money Project - Tunnel mouth
  • Scratchbuilding a hut
  • 7mm scale wagon
  • 10203
  • Pocket Money Project - Grounded van body
  • Whitemetal open wagon
  • Etched 02 diesel
  • Skaledale builder's yard
  • GWR V5 Mink van
  • Class 13 diesel
  • LNER bogie brick wagon

So much good stuff. Yours for only £7.99

Available from WH Smith, leading newsagents and Sainsbury's.

Buy on-line from: Key Publishing

A few early copies were sold last weekend so Graham Muz has already published review on-line for you to read.


Bill Luty said...

Saw it last weekend at the Warrington Show, it's certainly on my Christmas list. It will give me something to read when everyone else is watching TV.
Congratulations Phil.

neil whitehead said...

Will hunt down a copy when I'm back in the UK in a couple of weeks and add to your pension fund.

James Finister said...

Looks excellent. Is it going to be available as an electronic version? I have to say I was skeptical about buying model railway mags in that format but now I get Hornby Mag and Voie Libre on my tablet I love it. Except getting glue on the tablet in the workshop isn't recommended - mind you building the kappa board base for my Apa micro-layout last night I managed to get hot glue on my face, and that REALLY isn't recommended.

Phil Parker said...

James - Don't know about an electronic version. I just filled the pages, Key Publishing handled the distribution. I can't see why they should do an electronic version although the glue issue is worth considering.

Neil - I hope you find and enjoy a copy. Won't help my pension fund though as I'm on a fixed fee. Mind you, if everyone was to spread the word, I might get invited on TV chat shows and become a top celeb!

Paul B. said...

I'll be buying a copy when I see it - I like your style and the way you try to encourage people to actually make something rather than just rely on HornBach to do the work for them.

On chat shows - do you remember how Monty Wells used to joke about trying to appear on Parky in his Railway Modeller diesel detailing articles?

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Paul

I'd have watched Monty on Parky, those articles are in my prized collection removed from old RM's.

Mark said...

I picked up a copy on the way home yesterday, and it's excellent. So good in fact, that I nearly missed my station stop as I was so engrossed!

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Mark - Best comment so far too!

Phil Parker said...
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Jackofallhobbies said...

Will it be availlable through Amazon Canada? If so, when?

Phil Parker said...

Jack - No idea I'm afraid. You could probably order direct from Key publishing via the link in the blog post. Or I'd be happy to post one at cost with payment via Paypal. You can even have it signed if you want!

Just p-mail me via the Ask Phil link if this helps.

James Finister said...

Copy duly obtained and I have to say I think it is excellent, and great value for money. I can see me copying a couple of the projects "as is" such as the Silver Fox shunter I've had my eye on for awhile.

Are there any contact details for Deans Sidings?

Phil Parker said...

James - They are on page 28. Best bet if you want to see the kits is to keep an eye on show details. He doesn't answer the phone, has no website, doesn't do e-mail. SAE for a list of kits is all you get.