Monday, October 29, 2012

Slim Gauge Circle, Rugby

Devenport DieselSunday saw a quick trip over to Rugby for the half-yearly Slim Gauge Circle meeting. At the very least I know that NG Trains would be present so what I spent on diesel, I'd save on postage when I ordered a 3-can pack of Testors Dullcote.

(Note: Dullcote is a matt varnish, not unexciting outdoor wear.)

It's always worth the short trip as there is some inspirational modelling from the Pheonix Group. People who think that when you erect a model building, you should cast all the brick first. An Albion war lorry was the highlight of the stand this time and shows what you can do if you have patience and skill. A couple of 1/35th industrial locos under construction caught my eye too. Once finished, they look the business I expect.

Mind you, none of this stuff comes cheap. Seeing one modellers supply of Grandt Line nuts and bolts shows that scratch building isn't always the cheapest way to produce a model, at least it isn't if you work at this level.


The groups modular layout took up the centre of the hall. One side featured some most impressive stonework around a lagoon. Chatting to the creator of these, he explained that all(!) he did was stipple very dry Polyfiller in place and then work over it with brushed on water. Apparently this re-activates the mix and causes rivulets in the surface. This sounds simple but I'm keen to have a go and see how much practise is required as the results were very impressive.

A few photos from the Slim Guage Circle event.

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