Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Pilot Boat painting disasters - Part 2. Taking it off again

Rubbing downSo, there I am with a Pilot Boat superstructure covered in paint. Bad paint.

Plan A - Sand the duff areas and re-paint them. I'm sure that's what the experts would do.

A pack of Micromesh sanding things in various grittiness were to hand so I started work.

The effect was interesting. I managed to remove some paint. Dodgy areas were taken back to the bare plastic but looking critically at the result, after a calming tea break, I knew that this was just a patch job. Even if I bought a new pot of paint, the surface would be lumpy and unsatisfactory.

Plan B - Squirt Cillit Bang over the model. On many surfaces, this is a very effective paint stripper. Not here. All I got was a sticky surface with as much paint on as before. You might ask why I didn't use proper paint stripper designed for use on plastic. The answer is simple, I didn't have enough for a part over a foot long.

Washing downPlan C - This occurred by accident. Hoping to de-sticky the surface, I wiped it with white spirit. To my surprise, the paint literately washed away.

A few minutes work with more spirit, clothes and old toothbrushes gave me a largely clean plastic superstructure. Not perfect, but good enough for a second attempt.


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