Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting jiggy with the P Class chassis

First job on the P - make the mechanical bits work. If the wheels don't go round then anything else is a waste of time.

Setting up the Hobby Holidays jig requires the conrods to be made up. Interesting as there are several options for this. I've gone for the simplest, a fixed rod with no flex. You have to break a few bits off the etch for this but they are half-etched for ease of removal.

For a simple 6-wheel chassis, there is a lot to this beastie. I'd expected 2 or three spacer, I've got 7 including replicas of the inside cylinders. By the look of it I can even represent the slide bars and stuff is they don't interfere with the axles.

The bolt sticking out of the top is a clever addition, access for the screwdriver is via a hole in the bottom of the cylinder block. In fact the whole design, by Iain Rice I think, is pretty clever. There's some good thinking gone in to this and it's accompanied by a reasonable exploded diagram. I think I've got it right but time will tell.

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matt scrutton said...

looking forward to how this goes, its a kit I've wanted to do for a while. I'm sure Dapol will make one next year or something like that, but I still want to make my own.