Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pilot Boat launched

Pilot Boat at speed

The Pilot Boat has launched!

On the water, it's absolutely fantastic. At just over 1/2 power the nose starts to rise. Got to 3/4 and it's fully on the plane. Full throttle sees the nose waggling in the air and looking a bit silly. I don't mind though, it's fun like that. Maybe one day I'll get sensible and pop some weight up in the pointy end to tame it - which should see an increase in top speed.

Maneuverability is also excellent. All in all, a really pleasant boat to sail.

With that brightly painted top, it looks good on the water too. No change of losing sight of it on the other side of the lake!

Conclusion: It's not a perfect kit, but then if you want that you'll need to shell out a heck of a lot more than £99. For the money, it's fantastic and highly recommended.

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neil whitehead said...

that's a hull of a smart boat there Phil!