Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not losing little bits (hopefully)

Not losing bits

This is me being clever. Working in a plastic box lid while assembling a model railway gearbox.

This is fiddly work involving very losable screws and bearings. While I obviously can't solder in there, at least anything dropped should stay and not vanish into the deeper recess of the workbench. A gurbscrew, especially one from a gearwheel, is a real b****r to find even on a reasonably tidy bench. Well, I imagine it is, my work area can only dream of being tidy...

Did it work?

Sort of. I still managed to lose one of the motor grubscrews but that had performed it's usual trick of attaching itself to the motor thanks to the laters magnetism. It actually worked inside the thing which meant I couldn't find it for a while despite expecting this.

Never mind. As a plan, it worked. Perhaps perfection is a padded box. Or room maybe.

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