Saturday, October 06, 2012

Class 22 in MLI Mag

The history of British Rail Class 21,22 and 29 is a real can of worms. Worms that were bought in haste and then consigned very quickly to places they couldn't be spotted and would cause as few problems as possible.

Colin Marsden has done his usual excellent job trying to untangle the history and the magazine is full of photos and plans.

In the modelling section at the back, Page 95 to be precise, you'll find a photo of my 3mm scale Class 22 built from a Worsley Works scratch-aid kit. It's not a great picture but I like to try and see the scale get a bit of coverage where I can. Who know, perhaps someone might look at it and think, "I could have a go at that."

Flockburgh deisels

Modern Locomotives Illustrated Magazine

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