Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working Yard Crane in Hornby Magazine

Inspiration for this month's Parker's Guide came at the Midland Railex show. A visitor arrived and while chatting mentioned she's had problems building a Peco yard crane. I wondered how difficult it was and had a go.

Since I have the benefit of not being a beginner to this sort of thing just to make things more entertaining, I built it and made the mechanism work. In OO. I am truly brilliant and just a bit mad.

Elsewhere you find me reviewing a Metcalf station and some books. My staff project involves ruining a couple of Base Toys lorries. Well, when I say ruining, I mean ruining their collectible value while improving their modelness.

Buyers get a free scenic supplement too - In there I'm looking at a real scene and working out how it could be modelled. Then I don a donkey jacket (ask your Dad) and get to work on a small road full of potholes.

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neil whitehead said...

trust you were using the facilities when the pic was taken?

Phil Parker said...

Bog off Neil :-)