Monday, August 04, 2014

A little welder

SashaOh dear. I've seen figure painting on many a model display stand and if I'm honest, the sort of bloke who spends his time painting near naked miniature women seems...well, he's probably not seeing the real thing very often.

But, spotting this figure from Industria Mechanika on a blog, even I felt it was time to have a go.

For a start, the modelling is superb. The pose is cheeky and knowing. It's also quite funny. As a classic car owner, I've never met a welder who looks like this. Perhaps I wouldn't feel so miserable about the MOT if she were attending to my rusty bits...

Anyway, the figure arrives in grey resin pieces. Her cart for welding bottles is a mix of resin and PE (photo etched, what we call etched brass) components. My initial impression wasn't good. There seemed to be a huge amount of flash. Some of the parts would almost be sculpted from the stuff.

However, a few days later, another package arrived. Inside were the white resin parts along with a note to say these were replacements for a faulty batch that had been dispatched. The new ones were a lot cleaner and as a bonus, I ended up with two figures.

The kits are limited editions, this one 38 of 100 made. Not sure if it's the grey or resin Sasha that is the "official" item but then I'm not a collector, so I don't care.


Matthew Snowden said...

Wot scale is she?

Phil Parker said...

1/32nd according to the box. Bit manga cartoon like though.