Friday, August 08, 2014

Sasha painted and dirty

Stuff that looks good in real life and rubbish in photos No.1 - Washes of dirt.
The little welder has been finished with several base colours dry brushed with mixes of the base + a pale brown. All looking good and then I finish of with a wash of brown ink to bring out the shadows and add a suitable hint of workshop dirt. This looks fantastic in real life but not in the photos where it all looks a bit scabby.
Never mind, I did manage a couple of successes here. The first involves a broken arm after the skin colour was applied. This figure is a "second" and the arms are hollow. An accidental contact with the floor left me with a superglue repair to carry out. This went OK but not perfectly. Proper modellers would sand the limb back to resin and re-paint. I just added a slightly random band around the break to draw the eye away from it.
Second, I managed to find a lip colour that worked. While the box art shows red lips, a deep brown from the Lifecolor flesh set appears a whole lot more natural. Something to do with toning down colours for scale use perhaps?


neil whitehead said...

She looks like she could with a decent bowl of porridge

Phil Parker said...

Followed by cake. Bit, thick, goey slices of cake...