Monday, August 11, 2014

Holiday Pics: Peels on a train

OK, so this week is "Phil shows off his holiday photos" week. Get ready for lots of images taken on the Isle of Man. Some of you might have seen a few of these but I'm going to take the chance to showcase some of the more unusual things I pointed my camera at.

Peels and Number 4

First up, we have some Peel micro cars loaded on the back of the flat wagon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first vehicle being produced. In the background we have No.4 "Loch" being prepared to take the scheduled passenger train back from Port Erin to Douglas. The "motorail" train was hauled by new diesel No.21, running slightly late due to oil dripping on the turbocharger.

Micro car enthusiasts will be interested to note that the prototype car above, differs from the production models quite a lot. The wheel arrangement has reversed to the more stable 2 at the front and flatter nose.
Modelling note - if I wanted to make an even more miniature Peel than the real thing, how? I'm thinking something along the lines of carving the model out of a solid lump and then casting it in clear resin but would welcome suggestions.


Odds said...

Phil, I made a whole series of brass masters for a range of microcars, in 7mm scale for S.A.M.S. Models. We did the P50 and the Trident, which uses a Mosquito bomb aimer's bubble as its roof!
Fabricate the body so it'sabout 1.5 - 2mm thick all over and get it cast in normal resin. I can then get my son to vac-form the windows. BUT, you could carve it solid and my lad could vac-form the whole thing for you as it's a suitable shape.

Phil Parker said...

The problem is finding a suitable plan. The S.A.M.S. models sound interesting. I can't see anything on their website - are they still available?

Odds said...

Possibly not, Phil. Last I heard of "Little "Richard Hutchins, he was running a car valeting company, however I do have a finished model and a set of castings, so could do you a drawing from them. I had access to a real one to do my original drawings, now lost.