Saturday, August 09, 2014

Manx Model Shops

Last week, I was enjoying some time on the Isle of Man and as is my thang (as da kidz probably don't say any more), I looked up any model shops I could find when I was there

First, we found ModelTech in the Strand shopping centre, Douglas. Sadly, it wasn't open when I was there - by the appointed 10am my plan involved being on the steam railway station. Not to worry, peering through the metal grating, I could see a rather nice shop of R/C fans with plenty of basic materials to keep the enthusiast going. Plastic kits, cars, aeroplanes and boats are the stock in trade.
In the side window were several made up models - not the usual stuck together by kids stuff but very, very impressive dioramas. There are obviously some very talented people amongst the customers.

Moving north to St Pauls Square, Ramsey, we find Model World.
A more traditional model shop with plastic kits, lots of dolls house products, some Hornby railways, Metcalf card kits, diecast vehicles and the usual Humbrol paints and glues plus a few more esoteric brands. Boat modellers are catered for with a range of flags and transfers. With a working port 2 minutes walk away and the sea never far from anywhere, it's not surprising there is a healthy nautical modelling community.
Quite impressive - the shop has obviously been open for some time as it's built up the sort of wide variety of stock that takes years of buying in and selling most of the new stock but not quite all. My sort of place.

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