Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brush Magic

Catching up on my reading, I see that in the current British Railway Modelling, there is my review of Deluxe Materials "Brush Magic". According to the website, "Brush Magic is a powerful, non flammable brush cleaner for the rapid cleaning of all types of wet or dried paints from brushes etc."

Sadly, the space available precluded the before and after shots of the brushes I tested the cleaning product on. That's a pity as the stuff really works well. I've tried similar products for rejuvenating paint brushes in the past and none have worked nearly as well.

As a test, I tried it on three brushes – a couple of Trumpeter synthetic brushes and a very old bristle brush. All three had paint build-up that had hardened many months ago. You can see from the photo that two of the brushes changed colour, in a good way, and the other looked a bit happier. Since this last one was bought cheaply from Beatties when they had a shop in central Birmingham, you can work out how old it might be - older than some readers of this blog!


Odds said...

I use cellulose thinners for all such jobs. Almost instant.

Phil Parker said...

Brush Magic smells nicer than cellulose though - in fact it hardly smells at all. Don't mind cellulose for the airbrush as I'm wearing a mask and working in a spray booth.

For indoor work, especially if you have to be near the family, it's too smelly and inflamable.

However, it's nice to have options to do the job - if we were all the same it wouldn't be any fun. For a start we might all want to model the GWR and that would be no good at all...