Friday, August 29, 2014

A visit to Foxdale

Foxdale 2

A couple of years ago, we started work on an Isle of Man Railways project - a model of Foxdale station. To be honest, after an initial burst of enthusiasm, things have stalled thanks largely to me have so many projects on the go that I don't have time to move it on.

This doesn't mean the project has been abandoned. Far from it. While on the IOM we took a scenic bus ride to find the station building which still exists.

Wandering around the site of the line makes understanding the plans a whole lot easier and of course you feel more connected with the prototype doing this.

The top view shows the station looking towards the lead mines. Below we are pointing at the junction at St Johns. From here the trackbed looks pretty intact. Maybe once the line is re-instated to Peel, someone could just run a branch up here? Mind you, they might get this done before I finish our model!

Foxdale 1

The building is now in the hands of the Foxdale Heritage Centre. Visit their website for history and photos showing the station when the railway was working.

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