Saturday, August 16, 2014

Look out for BRM TV

Last month, I mentioned the first "Premium Edition" of British Railway Modelling magazine with a DVD included in the pack that featured, among other things, me doing some static grass things.

This pack was part of an experiment to see how well the people behind the magazine would translate to the telly and if the readers would like to see us in action as well as read our words. It seems they do.

So, from the November issue (on sale in October) the standard version of the mag will arrive with a DVD glued to the cover called "BRM TV". On this you'll get a mix of programmes including me doing more practical stuff. The only downside is that the price of the mag goes up 50p to cover the production costs.

Apparently, if you sign up for a sub ASAP you get it at the pre-increase price...

My next two segments have already been filmed, I won't spoil it for you by letting the cat out of the bag. The production team (Chris) would probably change the order the pieces appear anyway so I look stupid.

This isn't just some camcorder footage thrown at a disk. Production standards are high. My bits get done in a proper studio with lights and microphones and lots of re-takes so the editor (Chris again) have plenty of angles to work with so it looks like real telly.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the results. Video work is still new to me but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's an opportunity to explain stuff in the same way I might do in person at a show. Some techniques are just easier to demonstrate live than write about.

You can read more about my experiences over on my writing blog.

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