Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mystery Artist

Christopher Bell asks: I live on the west coast of Canada and a long time ago I acquired a painting of an older English yard locomotive (puffy?) pulling a few cars and it is signed either Phil Packer or Phil Parker and I wonder if you are the artist or know who might know who the artist is?

I can certainly help with the locomotive. It's a Fowler 3F "Jinty".  In the painting it appears to be hauling milk tanks in the snow. The number, 47662, would suggest that the scene is in BR days. Thanks to the Internet, I can even find a photo of this very loco working as a station pilot at Lancaster.

The artist is more of a problem. It's not me for a start. While I'm pretty handy with a paint brush on 3D things, in 2D, despite lessons, I have negligible talent.

Google doesn't help much either, no Phil Packers or Phil Parkers appear as artists.

My feeling is that we have a reasonably talented amateurs work. However, does anyone out there know better?

I'm no art expert so maybe Mr Packer/Parker is a named artist somewhere or maybe you have one of his paintings hanging on your wall. I can't imagine this is the only canvas he painted so there must be more somewhere. Answers in the comments section please.

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