Friday, August 22, 2014

A mini modelling den?

I'm a bit of a connoisseur of modelling bench solutions. Years ago the magazines often ran pieces by people who had used their carpentry skills to produce an ingenious fold-out work area that was easy to store but could quickly be opened out on the kitchen table to give the space-starved modeller somewhere to work.

One I recall from an issue of Railway Modeller in the black & white days even included a pillar drill in the case so the tyro scratchbuilder could make nice accurate locomotive chassis. Apart from this I remember drawers for tools and materials and the whole thing being the size of a modest suitcase - what we now consider "carry on" size although they didn't have this in those days.

Modellers are still using the excuse that they don't have anywhere to work as a means to avoid the actual modelling part of the hobby, but now from Japan, home of solutions for those short of space, comes the Cozy Room.

120cm wide and 125cm deep with the chair slid in, the "room" provides space for a monitor, drinks, and action figures apparently. Looking at all the drawers and shelves, I reckon it would make an ideal mini modelling room with space for tools and materials close to hand.

OK, you couldn't build a layout in there (Hmmm, a challenge...) but for rolling stock, road vehicles and modest buildings, it wouldn't be too bad at all. I'd want to augment the air vents to remove soldering fumes but apart from that, I can't see any reason, other than claustrophobia, that it wouldn't work.

Price: £4781 - If you get one, let me know.

More details on the Kakureya website.

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Jackofallhobbies said...

Thanks for this. I rather like the idea of a purpose built desk for modeling and railroading--but I agree that these kinds of plans often get in the way of actual modeling.