Friday, August 01, 2014

Overhanging load

The last picture pinched from "Your Personal Safety for Cartage and Handling Staff" on the blog. This one illustrates another important point. If part of your load is sticking out, hang a flag on it so other motorists can see the thing. It's a point still part of the Highway Code and even one that I even see complied with occasionally.
While this is important modelling detail, the real reason I wanted to use the photo is because of being in awe of the artist who has managed to reduce the complicated curved shape of the Scamell into a simple 2D drawing with hardly any lines and no shading.


If you look at the Melbridge Dock Scamells, the right hand model (a Dapol kit) shows the curved bonnet perfectly. How much easier it would have been to draw the older, boxer, version, (Langley kit) but then that isn't what most staff would encounter on a daily basis.

Not for the first time do I wish I could draw...

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Warren Cavenaugh said...

This looks like Russell Brockbank to me.
Wish I could draw, too.