Sunday, August 10, 2014

Manx models

The Isle of Man has given us many lovely prototypes and is you like getting your hands dirty, plenty of models. There are the GEM whitemetal kits along with the Branchlines detailing parts for the steam railway. Mark Hues produced a 4mm scale winter saloon from the Manx Electric Railway and there is the range of Elro card kits for the line in 7mm scale.
My souvenirs from Manxland were an Alphagrafix card kit for No.12 Hutchinson in the controversial blue livery - I liked it, the loco carried it for 12 years but many enthusiasts don't consider it traditional enough. A 1/43rd scale kit,
New to me though is a solid resin MER tram No.22. The model isn't too bad although perhaps a little boxy. Scale is something approaching 4mm scale. No chance of motorising it though, the model is very solid and firmly moulded to its plinth. I suppose you could try and hollow it out but if your skills are up to making a working chassis, scratchbuilding the relatively simple body won't tax you. As it is, this is destined to be a present for the friend who presented me with a Melbourne tram last year.

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