Sunday, August 03, 2014

Ugly diesels on the Isle of Man

I love an ugly railway locomotive, but have to admit that when looking at No.18 Ailsa on the Isle of Man Steam Railway, someone is taking the mickey. I mean, this thing is uglier than a baby budgerigar and only their mothers could love them.

The main problem seems to be the lights sticking out on stalks at each corner. There's something of the insect about these. Very practical I'm sure but not doing anything for the visual appeal.

Having said that, the more I look at the loco, the more I find to like about it. Ignore the lights and there is a pleasing boxyness about it. OK, it sounds like a broken washing machine while running but at last it looks purposeful. You can read the full history of this loco over on Wikipedia. It's got a fine turn of speed while running around a train too...

In other news, I've now seen the troubled No.21, as yet unnamed. Still not sure, although I'd happily build a model of it. The loco is a lot bigger than I expected from photos though...

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