Sunday, November 08, 2015

A hen's tooth

Battlespace Turbo car spike

Some things are rare.

Hen's teeth. Rocking horse manure. Battlespace Turbo car spikes.

This one is found the on the model for sale (currently) by Metropolis Toys in Warwick. Earlier this week, I was taking some photos of models for Ramsay's Guide and couldn't resist grabbing a closeup shot of this rare part. I own two tatty examples of this most fantastic of models, but neither came with its spike.

To my surprise, the spike is made of plastic. I thought it was rubber, hence the lack of surviving ones. Presumably production changed over time. On my best car, the spike is a replica made of wood. Just keep your head out of the way.


James Finister said...

Is the nosea candidate for 3D printing?

Anonymous said...

... or turning in a drill, from a golf tee?

Phil Parker said...

3D print a nose? No, it must be perfectly smooth - one cannot besmirch a work of art like the BSTC with anything less than perfect.

Golf tee? Well, it would be fun to run when someone is eyeballing the layout a little too closely!

James Finister said...

Does someone do the replacement decals for the brightwork as well?

Phil Parker said...

Not as far as I know. If they do, I need some to restore one of mine!