Thursday, November 05, 2015

Canal boats and a Class 70 in the festive issue of BRM

"What?", I hear you cry, "surely it's not time for BRM already?"

Yes it is dear reader, from this issue there is an extra BRM every year - if you've signed up for a subscription, that's 13 issues instead of 12!

Anyway, you're on my blog so the next question will be, "What top articles have you written this time Phil?"


First off, I'm having a go at some blue diesel action with the Ajay models resin kit for a Southern Railway "Booster" loco. These became TOPs Class 70, although none ever carried the number, and were amusingly nicknamed "Hornbys". Perhaps the boys from Sandwich should be looking at these for for a future project?

Ruston Quays is all naughtical (but nice) thise time with the canal basin recieving some attion,

Ruston Quays basin

The ever pokable water is laid down and then a selection of suitable boats built to float on it.

Since RQ isn't a pretty waterway, we have a steam dredger built from a Lagley kit, the same firms lighter and to move these around, a scratchbuilt Bantam tugboat. The Bantam won't be a surprise to regular readers of this blog, but freed of the constraints imposed by a ready-made hull, baby Bantam is a more reaslistic shape.

"What about the DVD Phil? I'll be needing something to watch on the telly over the festive period."

You're in luck. A day spent in the studio sees me talking about RQ and demonstraiting some of the new features. I'm also looking at the Heljan LT loco and a something a little different from Marklin.

All this contributed to a rather longer DVD than normal, something to keep you entertained on the long winter evenings.

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Anonymous said...

The canal scene looks brilliant, reminds me of how Camden Lock used used to look back in the early eighties before all the redevelopment. I think they even used barges to take spoil away from the old Homepride bakery (now the site for Sainsburys) in about 1987-8.